"Dopamine Dressing" For the Home - Dopamine Decor!

"Dopamine Dressing" For the Home - Dopamine Decor!

Dopamine dressing was coined as far back at the 2010's, but with the recent need for more dopamine thanks to, well, most of what's gone on in the past few years across the world, it came back with a bang in 2022. 

A piped bench cushion for a kitchen dining bench in a soft grey hardwearing velvet fabric by Warwick with colour pop buttons in pink green and yellow velvet

What exactly is dopamine dressing? It's a buzz term, but its core idea is basic. It's about surrounding yourself with colours that make you feel good and boost your mood.What started out as a fashion concept inevitably trickled into the rest of our everyday lives and so was born Dopamine Decor. If you're going for bright colours in your wardrobe to bring a little pep to your step, it makes total sense to carry that through to the spaces in which you live.  


Pantone didn't pull its punches with this year's colour of the year - Viva Magenta - which couldn't fit more perfectly into the idea of using colour to bring joy and increase dopamine levels.

It doesn't have to be a full on block of colour to bring out a little cheeriness to our rooms. A little flash of colour in colour pop buttons (as shown in the top image - a grey velvet bench cushion with a piped edge and mustard, pink and green velvet buttons) on a kitchen bench seat, or a vivid contrasting colour piping on a more conservatively coloured outdoor cushion (see picture below) is all that's needed to bring a smile.

 A pair of throw scatter cushions in a vivid jungle design velvet fabric. Both covers have zips and one is piped in yellow velvet and the other is piped in pink velvet.


Texture can play a big part too. Velvet fabrics can offer a moment of joy in their silky softness as per Warwick's "Lovely" - a dense pile velvet which is wonderfully soft to the touch. Our "Sherpa" washable fleece weave fabric (below) feels as soft as a teddy bear or snuggly blanket whilst being a super hardwearing upholstery fabric!

A super soft, snuggly teddy bear fleece fabric - a hardwearing upholstery fabric with the softness of a snuggly blanket!

And with our new offering of roman blinds and curtains, there is another way for us to help bring colour and joy into your home.

A roman blind in a vibrant, bright jungle design with leaves, plants, parrots and wildlife. Hand made roman blind with a chrome coloured chain, ready to be installed.
Made to measure curtains in a wide variety of curtain fabrics. Bespoke sizes to perfectly fit any space. Lots and lots of fabric options to choose from.

If you'd like help picking out some great colour matches for your projects or have a particular texture in mind you'd like to have on your cushions and curtains, please do pop us a message and we'll help you fill your home with things that make you happy.

A set of three outdoor bench seating cushions for pallet chairs in a blue herringbone water resistant uv resistant fabric with contrast piping in a bright orange outdoor fabric

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