Detailing and Finishes


All of our cushions come with zips in their covers so they can be removed for washing. These will always be across the back edge panel. Please note, if you choose button tufting the covers won't be removeable.


Piping is not only an aesthetic choice, but will assist with the longevity of the cushion by helping to protect and strengthen the seams. We can make up cushions entirely without piping, or with it on just the top edge as well as the top and bottom edges. Piping can be in the same fabric as the rest of the cushion, or in a contrasting or complementary fabric. Shown above left is a cushion with piping on the top edge only, in a complementary velvet fabric. The image above right is an unpiped cushion. Find more examples of all of our cushions on the Past Projects page.


Basic Seam Cushions

If you're looking for a sleek looking bench cushion without the bells and whistles, this is a great option. The covers come with zips at the back but have a more basic construction, making them a cheaper option.

We cannot offer piping or buttons with this finish option.

We can offer these in rectangular shaped cushions only, up to dimensions of 249cm x 60cm x 6cm in a limited range of fabrics. Please drop us a message if you'd like any more info or would like a quote for this option.


Buttons add a luxurious finish to cushions. By default we add a layer of dacron wadding on the top and bottom sides of the cushion, which helps to plump out the spaces between the buttons. This will add approximately 1cm top and bottom to the height of the cushion at it's highest points. You can opt for the same colour as the main fabric for the cushion with your buttons, or mix it up with some multicoloured ones! Please note adding this option means you won't be able to remove the cover from your cushion. However we do offer a selection of stain resistant fabrics that stand up well without needing to be washed.

If you'd like any more information on a particular finish or would like to discuss an option that's not listed here, please do feel free to drop us a message.

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