About Us

Hello! We’re Becky and Vik.

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We’re the wife-and-husband team behind Sew Versatile. With over 15 years of sewing experience, and decades of experience serving customers, we’re all about creating high-quality soft furnishings that our clients love.


We’re passionate about our business, and about making long-lasting products with a human touch. We work with a keen focus on top-quality materials and careful manufacturing in our home-based workspace in West Yorkshire.


Read ahead to learn more about how we got started, and why quality and personal service matter to us.


About Sew Versatile

Becky started her seamstressing career in 2011, as a junior for a high-performance outdoor clothing company. A self-taught seamstress at the time, she managed to blag her way in with a lot of enthusiasm and an inherent ability to use an industrial sewing machine without sewing her fingers together.


In 2014, after several years of training, working for other people, and navigating several of life’s twists and turns, Becky decided to take the plunge and go solo. She drew a small amount of savings, took over the spare bedroom, and started the independent sewing business that is now Sew Versatile. 


By 2022, Sew Versatile had so much work coming in that it needed an extra pair of hands to handle logistics and provide assistance. Becky’s husband Vik, also an experienced independent business owner, came aboard as partner, and the business has gone from strength to strength since. 


Sew Versatile now specialises in quality soft furnishings for high-end interiors, including restaurants, bars, homes and office spaces.


About Becky and Vik

Becky is a fabric nerd who loves bright colours and bold patterns. Sewing is her passion; she’s happiest when making things with her hands (and a small army of sewing machines!). She’s been working with textiles for most of her life, and spends part of her spare time creating and leading sewing lessons for all ages. 


Vik is a stickler for precision, and he takes on the cutting and logistics side of the business. He worked as a personal trainer before joining Sew Versatile, and his experience helping customers understand and achieve their goals has translated to an expert level of customer service and support.


When we’re not knee-deep in foam and fabrics, we enjoy sauntering across the gorgeous West Yorkshire countryside, cooking and eating good food, board game nights with friends, and taking care of our tiny fluffy overlord, Moxie.


A photo of Sew Versatile's fluffy overlord. The kitty Moxie looking out over her dominion whilst snuggled up in the softest of blankets.


Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more about us!