Cushion Fill Options

We can offer a wide range of fill for cushions.
From soft sofa type cushion fill to firm foam options; standard fills as well as more eco friendly choices.

All of our suppliers are UK based.

Polyurethane Foam

The standard foam that we make our cushions up in.
It's sourced from a fellow UK supplier and is a high quality and long lasting upholstery foam. As standard our foam inners will come with a stockinette cover.

 We have two different density grades - "firm" and "medium"

The "Firm" density foam is our standard option, it is ideal for thickness of 5cm+.
It's a good all rounder and offers great support whilst still being very comfortable.

The "Medium" density foam works great for cushions that are 10cm+ thick - it makes for sofa type soft and comfortable cushions.

The foam we supply does not contain Pbdes or chlorofluocarbons (CFC'S) which are found in cheaper quality foam. It is naturally anti-bacterial as well as being hypoallergenic.
The foam is manufactured in the UK and fully complies with British Standard Institute Regulations. It exceeds UK fire regulations.


This is a light wadding layer, which comes as an optional add on for our foam cushions.
Below you can see some examples of how the various options will look.

Plain Foam (No Dacron)


A plain foam inner will made for a neat looking cushion - it will have nice, clean and sharp edges with a flat top and bottom side.

Dacron Top and Bottom


This option adds a layer of dacron on the top and bottom sides of the cushion.
This gives a slight domed look to the finishes cushion, perfect for a plumper looking cushion which holds its shape well.
This will add 2cm to the total maximum height of the cushion.
Cushions with button tufting will have this option by default to give a nice rounded finish to the buttoning.

Full Dacron Wrap


A thinner layer of dacron is used for this option, but it is wrapped fully round the entire piece of foam.
This option softens the look of the whole cushion a little.
Fabrics which are made up of natural fibres will have a similar finish by default as they will have a fire retardant interliner around the foam.

Memory Foam

This foam is made from Polyurethane it's specially treated so that it reacts to heat and pressure and molds itself to your body as you sit or lie on it. 

Memory foam makes for a great extra top layer for the "firm" foam option, adding a little extra comfort to your cushion. It's a perfect option for cushions that will double up as beds, such as day bed cushions or camper van mattress cushions.

The starting thickness for a memory foam topped foam inner is 7.5cm, which will include a 2.5cm layer of memory foam attached to 5cm of standard foam.

Feather and Fibre Fills

These fill options make for big, plump cushions.
They're perfect for replacement sofa cushions as well as cosy window seats and similar.
They usually sit at a finished height of about 15-25cm.

Feather Fill


A natural filling for a lofty, soft cushion fill. This makes for perfect sofa style cushions or big, plump statement bench cushions.

We also offer a feather wrapped foam core inner, which has the luxurious feel of a feather cushion with the stability of foam and minimal need for plumping. (See above photo).

Finished cushions with a feather or feather wrapped foam fill will usually have a maximum thickness of about 15-25cm.

Hollowfibre Fill

Hollowfibre is a standard cushion filling, made up of lots of strands of hollowfibre.
Cushions made up with this fill make for soft, bouncy cushions which are great sofa cushions or day beds.

We also offer hollowfibre wrapped foam core inners, which have the soft springy feel of a hollowfibre fill cushion with a sturdier foam centre.

Finished cushions with a hollowfibre or fibre wrapped foam fill will usually have a maximum thickness of about 15-25cm.

Quallofill Blue - Eco Fill

Quallofill is an upgraded version of a hollowfibre fill - it has the same comfort qualities whilst having much better bounce back and shape retention making it perfect for soft seat cushions.

Finished cushions with a Quallofill Blue filling will usually have a maximum thickness of about 15-25cm.

The added benefit of this fill option is it is made from recycled plastic bottles from Plastic Bank -

Latex Foam


We also offer seating grade 100% natural latex, which is soft and comfortable whilst still offering good support.

This option is better for the environment that our polyurethane foam, but unfortunately is still a fair bit more expensive that the standard foam. Please do drop us a message for more info.

+ A few pros of latex:
~ It naturally dissipates body heat, making it great for high use seating
~ No chemical odors or toxic off-gassing
~ It is mold and mildew-proof and anti-microbial
~ Latex is biodegradable and recyclable. At the end of its use, the latex material can be recycled and will eventually degrade if place in a landfill.

The latex fills we offer a very high quality, made from Vita Talalay latex rubber.

Quick Dry (Reticulated) Foam


Our quick dry foam option is perfect for outdoor cushions that are expected to stand up to the wonderful British weather. It's super a porous foam that allows for rapid water drainage and optimal air circulation. 

It's treated with an antimicrobial agent and proven to retain its shape longer than any other alternative. 

Pair with one of our water resistant outdoor fabrics for long lasting garden cushion.

If you'd like more information on any of the above options, or would like to discuss which option might work best for your project, please don't hesistate to get in touch.