Keeping Your Cushions in Place

Ties, straps, tabs, velcro and anti-slip cloth.

If you need something to keep your cushion in place with have a variety of options.
See below for more info and pictures of each option.
If you need any more info or want to discuss what option might work best for your cushions, please do get in touch.


Velcro Strips (Underside of Cushion)

The image of the underside of a firm foam bench cushion. The cushion has 5cm wide strips of velcro on this side to keep in in place when on a bench. The cushions are in a geometric patterned cotton fabric.


These 5cm wide strips of high quality velcro will be stitched to the underside of your cushion. We offer black or white velcro, the best match to your fabric will be chosen unless otherwise requested (this can't be seen after the cushion is in place). The matching piece of velcro will also be supplied for you to attach to your seating area. You will need to source a method of securing the loose piece of velcro to your bench, a high quality double sided tape is usually a good option.


Anti-Slip Cloth

A roll of rubbery anti slip cloth which we use to keep bench cushions in place without damaging the surface the cushion will sit on.


An anti-slip material that sits between the cushion and the surface it's placed on to stop the cushion from slipping about. It's made from a rubbery type material. If added to your order, it will be cut to size ready to use. We cut the cloth a little smaller than the cushion itself to reduce the chance of it being visible once under the cushion. Please note this option will only work for horizontal cushions. (Velcro strips or ties work well for upright cushions.)


Velcro Straps

An upholstery foam bench cushion in a pale green, water resistant outdoor fabric with a set of 5cm wide velcro straps attached to keep the cushion firmly in place on the bench.


A pair of firm foam outdoor bench cushions covered in a light green water resistant outdoor fabric. Both cushions have 5cm wide velcro straps on to keep the cushions firmly attached to the benches.


The best option for keeping high traffic cushions on standalone benches in place.
With 5cm wide velcro they can go underneath the bench and keep them secure.


Velcro Tabs

A bespoke shaped chair cushion in a charcoal dark grey hardwearing fabric with a pair of velcro tabs at the back to wrap around the spindles of the chair to keep it in place.


A set of custom size and shape wooden chair cushions made up in mid blue hardwearing upholstery fabric. Each seat cushion has two sets of velcro tabs to keep the cushions securely attached to the chair.


The little sister to the velcro strap, these are a nice neat way to keep chair cushions in place. Usually about 2-2.5cm wide and as long as is needed to wrap around the struts of your chairs.


Same Fabric Ties

A custom shaped, made to order kitchen chair cushion with two pairs of ties made in the same hardwearing fabric as the seat cushions to tie them to the dining chairs. The cushion is made up in a light grey upholstery fabric.


A sturdy set of ties to keep cushions - bench or chair - securely in place. Using the same fabric as the rest of the cushion cover ensures a perfect match colour wise.


Cotton Tape Ties

A set of three matching kitchen chair cushions made in a 6cm thick firm upholstery foam. Each seat cushion has two pairs of cotton herringbone twill ties in a close colour match to the main cushion. These ties give a great country kitchen finish to seat cushions.


Made with cotton herringbone tape, usually 2 - 2.5cm wide, this option ties up nicely into bows for a traditional country kitchen chair look.
These are the cheapest option we offer for ties on cushions.
We have a selection of colours to get the closest match to your fabric choice.