Let's Talk Campervans!

Let's Talk Campervans!

So you've got your new project on the go.
A brand new camper van, or a new-to-you van which you're refurbishing or an old reliable you've had for years which is ready for some TLC. You've sorted the hardwear, it's running nicely and you're starting to get the inside looking liveable. Now to get to finish it off as a home away from home (or just a home, living that nomad life dream!). You'll want a good, reliably comfortable mattress and seating area (or one that converts into the other) as well as blinds or curtains to keep the light out, insulate and add privacy. That's where we can step in and help with the process!

The inside of a recently done camper van, focussed on a bench seat with a back as well which pulls out to a bed for sleeping on. You can see a small table next to the seat as well as a bit of the view out of the front of the van, with the two front driving seats. For your sleeping and seating areas we can offer a variety of options. We have firm or medium upholstery grade foam, depending on the use you'd like to get out of the final cushions and your mattress density preferences, which can go as thick as 15cm. As well as foam with a top layer of memory foam for an extra cosy sleep on the road. 

Fabric wise, we can offer anything from heavy duty mixed fibre fabrics with stain resistance, to a more breathable recycled cotton (See the new Oxford fabric on our fabrics page) See our Fabrics page for our full range.

Continuing on the eco friendly theme, we also can offer latex foam inserts for your cushions as well as sheep wool for a really snuggly cushion. 
For your curtains and blinds we have a huge offering of patterned and plain fabrics, and can line them with either a plain cotton if you'd like a little more light coming through them, or our black out lining. This is a high-tech 100% blackout fabric which boasts anti-UV protection, both thermal and sound insulation and is made up with specially woven black yarn to give the black out effect, instead of the sometimes smelly foam backing you get on other black out fabrics. We also have the option of interlining the blinds for a thicker finish.

We can help guide you through the process of picking which finishes will work best for you. Whether it's a van for your own use, or a camper you're doing up to hire out. Don't just take our word for it though, here are some examples of projects we've assisted with so far....
A close up shot of a black out lined blind for a campervan side window. It is held up with a piece of wood and has clasps to keep the blind rolled up. The blind is a medium slate grey with a cream lining.


A camper van seat cushion with piping that pulls out to a mattress. The cushion is made up in a hard wearing upholstery fabric in a teal colour. On the seating are are two scatter cushions, one in bright yellow and the other in blues with a toucan on it. You can see through to the front of the van where the two front driving seats are. 
After spending several months designing the “skeleton” of our first campervan build, researching the pros and cons of different layouts, trying different styles and seating ideas, we finally had the base model built!

Once the basics of the build were done, we were excited to get our teeth into the finishing touches! We chose to build the bed into the back of the van by using seating which converted into a side-on bed. One of the big decisions was the colour of the seating, we wanted this to brighten the inside of the van whilst remaining relatively neutral as our new venture was to build campervans for resale to the public.

We found Sew Versatile (Becky) on Etsy and she was so helpful from minute one! She helped us to find the perfect colour after sending her our ideas based on the logo we had created for our new brand. We decided to match the seating colour to our logo and Becky helped to ensure we had a perfect match. The finished project is exactly what we hoped for. We’ll definitely be using her for our future builds!

A set of three cushions for a camper van that make up to a full bed. They are thick foam, about 10cm and are dark grey on the sides and underside and lighter grey on the top. The top of the foam has a memory foam layer to make it extra comfy. One of the cushions has a cut out so it fits round the shaping of the inside of the van.
Really well made, super comfy and fantastic service from Becky. I was very pleased with our purchase and have recommended to our other VW owners !

A view of the inside of a recently done up camper van. We can see two bench cushions in a medium grey fabric with a selection of scatter cushions in the same grey fabric and a bright yellow fabric. Behind the cushions we can see one of the van's side windows which has a rolled up black out blind in the same fabric up on it.
Absolutely wonderful seller to work with, she made our campervan products beautifully. Great communication and top quality sewing, we are delighted.

 For more info or to get a custom quote for your next camper van projects please do get in touch via our quote request form or our contact us page.

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