Using Patterned Fabrics

We love using fabrics with design on them for projects.
There can be a few extra steps involved in the planning stages though, here's a few tips on what we might suggest.


Cushion's Length is Less than the Width of the Fabric

If the patterned fabric has a width greater than the length of the cushion you need, we're fine and dandy. As most designs go along the length of a fabric (as shown below in the Sophie Allport "Bees" fabric), this set up should mean your cushion will have the design going the right way round.

Image showing how a cushion would look with a patterned fabric cover


Cushion's Length is Greater than the Width of the Fabric

If the length of the cushion you need is greater than the width of the fabric, we have a few options here.

We can have the cushion going down the length of the fabric (in some "L" shaped seating areas this would be a better option for the get go). This keeps the top and bottom panels of the cushion as one piece of fabric.
How to place a cushion on fabric that isn't wide enough to have the pattern going the right way up


Image demonstrating a cushion that is wider than the patterned fabric, with two seamed panels at either end